Flora Sometimes the manipulation of natural entities is necessary for our survival which we have been doing since becoming an agrarian society. The purposes of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) might be noble, but issues have arisen due to the lack of transparency about them. Today it is a very enigmatic subject because they are mysterious, but also beneficial. What interests me about GMOs is how far are we willing to manipulate an organism for our benefit and when does the natural become artificial.
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One convenience that we rarely associate plants with is light. Sapling poses the idea of making living lamp posts. It asks the question if GMO’s are ominous or will they tie us closer to the land knowing the amenities they offer?


The process of genetically modifying an organism can be mysterious. By trying to mass produce my own genetically modified Seeds I capitalize on this mystery. The goal is to show how elegant GMO’s can be, but at the same time under cooperate control.


A case study to see if it’s possible to make the virtual physical and bring attention how we are moving away from the natural environment.