Computational Modeling and Optimization of An Iron Melting Furnace Metal casting has historically been an industrial process performed by large foundries. In the 1960’s artists began to employ the technology of blast furnaces scaled down for small scale cast iron production. A program was made that allows a person to model their small scale furnace and optimize its efficiency. The program uses a finite difference method that solves for the temperature distribution inside the furnace as well as the melt rate of iron. Read the full Thesis Presentation from the 2012 Nor'Eastern Iron Conference at Buffalo: Fundamentals of Thermodynamics in a Cupollette Furnace Presentation from the 2015 National Conference on Cast Iron Art at SLOSS: Thermodynamics of Alternative Fuels to Melt Iron Eng1

Cross Section of the Temperature Distribution Inside a Cupollette Furnace


FEA Examples Various examples of using finite element analysis to understand structural limits. Most examples show thermal loading.