Earth It feels like we have a strong anthropocentric attitude towards our landscape, individuals do not necessarily regulate their own actions toward the environment on a daily basis. With our large population little occurrences of land abuse add up. By designing consumer objects that focus on the land rather than the objects function will hopefully cause individuals to become more aware of what they are doing to the environment.
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Mt. Marcy Couch

With respect to earth, or the terrain, I am confronting our transition from a society that has been predominantly living in the natural land to a culture that is constantly inside an artificial space. As this artificial space grows I ponder what happens to the natural world as we push it aside to make a human landscape. This piece questions the balance between out artificial, virtual and natural worlds.

Great Lakes Project

The goal of these pieces is to break our complacence of abusing fresh water by bringing it to a human scale. The pieces are consumer products that use water in some manner, they take the form of a Great Lake scaled to allow a person complete control over a large body of fresh water.

The New Frontier

This set of sculptural furniture brings infrastructure inside. It reminds us of how necessary it is to manipulate the land for transportation, power and communication. As one sits they can plug in any electrical device, listen to 8-bit sounds or construction noises.