Design When it comes to my personal design I have similar goals to that of the Russian Constructivist from the 1910’s-1920’s. They wanted to make functional sculptures that extended the capabilities of a person while at the same time promote political philosophies. However, I would like my designs to promote social philosophies of equality and environmental responsibility.
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Great Lakes Project

The goal of these pieces is to break our complacence of abusing fresh water by bringing it to a human scale. The pieces are consumer products that use water in some manner, they take the form of a Great Lake scaled to allow a person complete control over a large body of fresh water.

Seed Library

A design for a Seed Library that would allow users to learn about seeds, check them out and use the space for research. The layout of the library kiosk follows that of the phylogenetic tree so patrons can visually see the genetic relation to different plants.

Transitional Terrain

Our time spent in natural environments has shifted to man-made artificial ones and is now shifting again to the virtual. Mt. Marcy Couch mediates between these shifting worlds and offers a constant reminder that we must balance them.